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The, Trinetra Chhau dance centre Seraikella, Jharkhand had been established in 1985 to promote dance, music and culture, and to impart this training to students. The Academy produces original dance works and sponsors festivals, exhibitions and workshops; supports research into rare dance forms; encourages both realistic and stylized theatre; helps poets and writers to publish their works; invites various Gurus to hold special seminars; and gives professional opportunities to
budding artists.


In India the Trinetrea Chhau dance centre has performed for National Centre of the Performing Arts, Nehru Centre, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation and for Television. Outside India the Academy has performed at Symphony Space on Broadway, New York, under the aegis of World Music Institute and Solaris. It has also performed at Disneyworld, Disneyland, Springville Dance Festival, Carbon County International Festival, Bountiful Dance Festival and the Kansas University.