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Born in Seraikella, a small town in Jharkhand which is better known for its stylized and sophisticated Chhau Dance, Pt. Gopal P. Dubey started training in the art form at the early age of 9 years. His grandfather, the Late Shashi Bhushan Dubey, who initiated him to the dance form was an actor in the Royal court of Seraikella. The young Dubey started his formal dance training under the Late Guru Natasikhar Banbihari Pattanayak. He trained under the Guru for several years before being accepted by Guru Kedarnath Sahoo as his Sishya. Later he came under the guidance of Guru Padmashree Suddendra Narayan Sing Deo.



He went on to receive training in Modern Dance in New York in 1986 with a fellowship from the US based Asian Cultural Council.

Since then he has been continuously participating in festivals, marvelling audiences with his performances and conducting workshops in India and abroad, including Japan, UK, USA, Greece and South Korea.