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He has been described by scribes and critics in any number of ways. Some of them call him the "Man of many Masks" while others have called him " the dancer who performs magic with his body" and "the versatile master of chhau dance" and so on. He is one of the senior most artiste and Guru of Seraikella Chhau.

His dedication to his art and involvement in its development can be seen in what he has to say of his own performances. "When I do Chhau, it is only Chhau, nothing else infiltrates".

"When I put on the mask I become impersonal. It is easier to slip to slip into the body of another character. The expression does not follow from my face to my body but it is transmitted from my body to the mask".

"When I perform a peacock, I think like a peacock. Even if I put on the mask, I have expressions on my face".

And this is what one writer who watched him perform wrote; "He coaxes his body, his every muscle to intensity communicate and stir the body and soul of the viewer.

Pt. Dubey may be a Man of many Masks but as he performs he translates his expressions into the most supple body movements.

Pandit Gopal Prasad Dubey is a panel approved artist in  "Indian council for Cultural relations" government of India.